Hooray for National Donut Day
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Tuesday, May 23, 2017
By Le Conteur Photographers
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You say Donut. I say Doughnut. No matter how you spell it, no one can resist the temptation of a yummy doughnut. In fact the doughnut is such a culinary treasure that there are not one, but two National Days to celebrate its very existence. So if you’re gaga for Glazed, crazy for Crullers or just big on Boston Cream get ready. June 2, 2017 is the first of these glorious, multi-annual celebrations.

The selection of the first Friday in June as National Doughnut Day was established by The Salvation Army as a way to honor female volunteers who were sent overseas during World War One to make and deliver doughnuts to our troops. The campaign was a tremendous success and went a long way to improve the morale of the U.S. soldiers. In 1938, The Salvation Army hoped for the same success on the home front as National Doughnut Day was started as a fundraiser to assist those in need during the Great Depression. The second National Doughnut Day is November 5th. While the origin of the June date is undisputed, the reason for the November date is not nearly as clear. But who needs reasons, when there are so many delicious doughnuts to eat.


Here are four cool things to do in and around Kansas City to celebrate National Doughnut Day:


1) Take advantage of terrific promotions at your local doughnut shop. Many national chain and locally-owned doughnut shops offer great deals on National Doughnut Day. Some even offer free doughnuts.


2) Make and decorate your own doughnuts at home. Find a homemade recipe online or pick up a kit to craft your own delectable treats. Either way, it’s a fun, family project that will yield yummy results.


3) Eat a doughnut at the National World War I Museum and Memorial. Step back in time to the age that brought us this delicious celebration.


4) Volunteer at The Salvation Army or another charity. Get in the giving spirit, just like those wonderful women who provided doughnuts to our soldiers.    


So if you happen to miss out on the June 2nd festivities, fear not. November 5th is right around the corner.

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