Storytelling is a form of human expression that captures moments and weaves them into a narrative that evokes the feelings and emotions each time it’s relived.  That is the essence of Le Conteur Photographers and that is what everyone who chooses to work with us can expect in return.

Through photography and cinematic film, we take your moments of love, laughter, tears and joy and turn them into an authentic, beautiful and timeless story.  We expect that when you view your Le Conteur images; whether it’s the first time or the thousandth time, you will still get a lump in your throat and hold back the tears just like you were there.

meet kathy + brian

We began this journey in 2004. A couple bound by marriage and an extreme passion for photography. We had a dream and the determination to turn it into reality. It wasn’t always easy. I can still remember the nervousness and excitement when we purchased our original gear, got licensed and insured and took the leap. I still get that feeling every time we update our equipment. I can remember booking our first jobs. It was a mixture of “YES!” and “What do we do now?” With solid foundations in photography, it was all about what we could do to take things to a new level and not be just like everyone else.